Hon. Secretary G G Journeaux BSc, M.I.L.A.M.


The Purpose of the Fund

To assist people who are unable to obtain sufficient financial support for additional training, re-training or specialised equipment in order to benefit their careers.


In 1957 a sum of £17,000 was bequeathed by the late Miss Albina Bertram Falle to the Royal Court and the States of Jersey in accordance with the wishes of her brother, the late Lord Portsea. The States with the approval of the Royal Court accepted the gift in 1968 and three years later, and by which time the sum had risen to £27,000, the gift was incorporated into an Act of the States of Jersey called the "Lord Portsea Gift Fund (Jersey) Act 1971". It was promulgated on the 25th May 1971 and the administrators met for the first time in the same year.

The Purpose of the Fund, initially, was to help all young Jersey and Guernsey boys entering the Armed and Civil Services who were in need of financial help. Subsequent Acts have extended these conditions to include applicants of the female sex, applicants already in the Service Colleges, the Merchant Navy and the U.K. Civil Service. In 1981 eligibility for applicants was widened to include those with at least one parent who was a native of either Jersey or Guernsey. Finally the upper age limit was increased to those who had not attained the age of 30 years.


A number of amendments have been made to the Act since it was promulgated in 1971. Currently, a person is eligible for financial assistance from the Fund if:

1. They, or one of their parent's were born in the Channel Islands; and

2. they are aged thirty years or under; and

3. they are already employed or have been given a firm commitment to join HM Government Service (military or civil, including the Hospital Services) or are employees or about to become employees of the States of Jersey or Guernsey.

Application Forms

If you meet the above criteria and would like to be considered for funding, please complete the application form below.

Please note the Delegation who make the decisions on funding, meet biannually, usually in mid April and mid September.

Prior to an application being put before the Delegation an applicant, where feasible, is interviewed by the Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Executive Secretary.

Application form in Word format