Search History Depression and The New Deal 14-16 Key Stage 4

Theatre and writers

Work did not only extend to physical labour. 25,000 actors, writers and musicians were employed in a variety of projects to bring entertainment to out of the way towns and ordinary people.

Theatre Project
Federal Theater Project production of 'AAA Plowed Under', 1935 (Source: NARA)

The Agricultural Adjustment Act

The Agricultural Adjustment Act was designed to stop tenant farmers being thrown off their land if they fell behind with their rent. The very poor had their mortgages bought by the government so that they could have longer to pay. This was followed by plans to help agriculture become more flexible. Wheat farmers were given a cash bonus if they changed to another crop, whilst pig farmers were given the same to kill their stock if over-production threatened.

AAA representative
AAA representative in his office, Taos County, New Mexico. Click on the image to see a larger version. (Source: NARA)
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