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Week commencing 21st May 2000

21st: Elizabeth Fry, the English prison reformer, was born in 1780. You can find out more about her life and campaigning work, from Elizabeth Fry, an article from 'The Spartacus Encyclopedia of British History: 1700-1950'.

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23rd: Lag B'Omer - the 33rd day of Omer. The 49 days of Omer, from Pesach to Shavuot, are a time of sadness in the Jewish calendar. This is relieved on the 33rd day, in memory of the end of a plague in Roman times. It is also the one day in Omer when weddings are allowed to take place. Visit Lag Ba'Omer for more background on the festival.

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24th: In 1530 a list of heretical books was drawn up in London; Tyndale's English New Testament was among them. His translation was officially condemned by the English bishops, and all copies that could be found were burned. Tyndale himself was condemned for heresy and burned at the stake in 1536. There is a copy of The Tyndale New Testament in The British Library.

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